Renato Garcia

Glade GIMP Catalog

I’m going develop some GIMP plugins, and I would like to design the graphical interfaces using the Glade. Sadly there aren’t a catalog to Glade to support the GIMP widgets, then, time to one more project in the stack.

Since version 3.10.0 Glade is targeting GTK+3 only, however the GIMP project is planning support the GTK+3 only at release 3.0 (the current stable release is 2.6.11). Thus will be needed to use Glade 3.8.0 (or below) to generate a .ui file compatible with GTK+2.

The catalog itself is simply a XML file and some icons, being that the icons I don’t have made yet, due to my lack of drawing skills mainly. To be usable, the XML file must be installed in the system Glade catalog directory (usually /usr/share/glade3/catalogs) or in a directory listed in the GLADE_CATALOG_PATH environment variable.

The project is hosted on GitHub (here).