Renato Garcia

Compiling ARToolKitPlus 2.1.1

20 Mar 2011 – Updated to correct an error in file arDetectMarker.cxx when using GCC 4.5

The ARToolKitPlus library isn’t developed anymore since June 2006. Nowadays is a pain compile it: there are errors with GCC 4.4, it uses the qmake builder of KDE 3 series, and there are errors on internal includes. To solve this I make any patches and one project in SCons, which is better than qmake, IMO, and have less dependencies.

If you use Arch Linux there are one package in AUR with that changes, else, follow this steps:

Download the package in Arch AUR and the ARToolKitPlus source. Put them in a same empty directory.

Run the following commands:

tar -xvzf artoolkitplus.tar.gz
unzip -d artoolkitplus
cd artoolkitplus
mv sample_multi_SConscript sample/multi/SConscript
mv sample_simple_SConscript sample/simple/SConscript
mv src_SConscript src/SConscript
mv tools_IdPatGen_SConscript tools/IdPatGen/SConscript
patch -p0 < gcc45.patch
scons install prefix=$(echo ${PWD%/*})/pkg/usr
mv include.patch ..
cd ..
patch -p0 < include.patch


Logically you must have SCons installed. If all goes well the ARTKP is compiled inside pkg directory.